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If you're looking for ways to save money, we have numerous programs to assist our customers in making the changes they strive for in converting their turf into an eye-catching conservation garden, start your own rain garden, monitor your water consumption from your smart device, change out your old sprinkler system to water-efficient money and money-saving system. 

There are several locally sponsored programs offered in and around San Diego County at little to no cost to participants.  Our goal at the District is to add value for our customers, promoting and connecting them with available resources.  Offering low to no-cost programs is one way we partner with the community.  We also partner with outside agencies to offer a wide range of programs focused on building awareness, learning about, and understanding local and regional water supplies, infrastructure, and related issues.

Hay varios programas patrocinados localmente que se ofrecen en el condado de San Diego y sus alrededores a un costo mínimo o gratuito para los participantes. Nuestro objetivo en el Distrito es agregar valor a nuestros clientes, promoviéndolos y conectándolos con los recursos disponibles. Ofrecer programas de bajo costo o sin costo es una forma en que nos asociamos con la comunidad. También nos asociamos con agencias externas para ofrecer una amplia gama de programas enfocados en crear conciencia, aprender y comprender los suministros de agua locales y regionales, la infraestructura y los problemas relacionados.

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