Backflow Testing Program

The District’s Backflow Testing  Program was established to track the installation and testing of service protection backflow assemblies within the District’s service area.  It is designed to ensure high quality and reliable potable water services for all of our customers required to have backflow device.  The cost associated with the program are included in monthly bills for customers with approved assemblies.   The program is voluntary, so if you want to test your device on your own please let us know.

The monthly fee does not cover backflow repair or replacement costs.  Should your device require significant repair or replacment the customer will be responsible for those costs.

If you are unfamiliar with these type of devices and would like to learn more about their benefit, use/function, and requirements etc. go to the American Backflow Prevention Association website

For any backflow-related questions or concerns please contact our Backflow Specialist at (760) 728-1178 extention 144.