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System Operations Department

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System Operations is responsible for operating the potable water system in a manner that ensures reliable and sustainable deliveries to District customers. To accomplish this, Water Operations utilizes a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that controls water flow and storage through the District’s distribution system. Additionally, this area performs various maintenance, monitoring, and evaluations of the District’s storage reservoirs, tanks, pump stations, and chlorine booster and monitoring stations. They provide routine maintenance and repairs for all pumps in the distribution system. This enhances customer satisfaction by enabling the District to provide reliable and sustainable services to its customers by maintaining the system that keeps the services flowing.

Valve Maintenance is responsible for the District’s valve exercise program and maintaining all appurtenances such as fire hydrants, wharf heads, blow-offs, and air release valves. This includes repair, replacement, painting, and upkeep of easements. Valve Maintenance ensures that distribution valves are operational and ready to isolate the water mains in the event of emergencies, routine maintenance work, and new construction projects. Valve Maintenance also assists with shutdowns for construction/maintenance and contractors by operating the valves that shut down the main lines.