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Remuneration and Reimbursement Policy

Section 2.03.010

Remuneration and Reimbursement Policy

Members of the Board of Directors are encouraged to attend in participate in professional meetings, educational conferences, or seminars when the purpose of such activities is to improve District operation.  Board Members are also required to complete all local, state, and federal regulatory training.    Compensable Meetings

The RMWD Board shall not be eligible for compensation for more than six (6) compensable days per month.    Compensation

Members of the Board of Directors are eligible to receive compensation of $150 for each day’s attendance at a variety of Rainbow Municipal Water District Meetings.

Members of the Board of Directors appointed as the District’s representative for local agencies and organizations are eligible to receive compensation of $150 per day of attendance at such meetings.

Should two compensable meetings occur in a single day, the Board Member(s) in attendance shall be eligible for compensation of only $150 for the entire day. In the event duplicate compensable meetings occur in the same month, the Board Member(s) in attendance shall be eligible, for more than one meeting in the same month without exceeding the number of meeting limitations provided herein under     Training, Seminars and Conferences

In the event a Member of the Board of Directors wishes to attend any non-regulatory required training, seminars, and conferences and receive compensation for the event and travel/registration expenses, the Board member must present a written request for attendance in advance of the event start date during a regularly scheduled open session Board meeting for Board consideration during the standing agenda item for this practice included in each Board meeting agenda.   The Board member requesting compensation and travel/registration expenses shall indicate the nature of the event and the benefits their attendance will bring to the District and its ratepayers.   The full Board shall consider this information and take action to approve or disapprove the compensation and travel/registration expenses by a majority vote.   Upon approval, the Board Member will be eligible for compensation of $150 for each day at a non-required training, conference, or seminar after a written or verbal report is provided at the Board meeting immediately following the conclusion of the event.

Advance written requests and/or Board approval is not required for participation in online local, state, or federal regulatory training.  In the event regulatory training is completed as part of a seminar or conference attended by a Board Member, the provisions provided herein under will apply and the Board Member will be required to provide the District with a Certificate of Completion within fifteen (days) of completion.    Legitimate Expenses

Members of the Board of Directors shall be eligible for reimbursement for all legitimate expenses incurred in attending any meetings, seminars, conferences, or training as well as in making any trips on official business of the Board, when so authorized in accordance with the provisions provided in this policy.    Limitations for Submitting Compensation and Reimbursement Requests

To receive compensation or reimbursement for legitimate expenses Board Members are required to remit requests for compensation or reimbursement no later than sixty (60) days from the conclusion of the event or purchase is made. 

Requests for compensation for completion of required regulatory training must be accompanied with the appropriate Certificate of Completion only if such certificate has not been provided to the District in advance of the request for compensation.

Any legitimate expense incurred prior to April 27, 2021 for which Board Members have not already received reimbursement will be retroactive to January 1, 2021 upon submittal of a request for reimbursement with the appropriate receipts attached.    Eligibility

Members of the Board of Directors are eligible for compensation and reimbursement for legitimate expenses as provided herein at their sole discretion.


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