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Remuneration and Reimbursement Policy

Section 2.03.010
Remuneration and Reimbursement Policy    Compensable Meetings

State Law limits Board member compensation to ten (10) compensable meetings per month (Water Code Section 20202).  The RMWD Board shall not be eligible for compensation for more than six (6) compensable days per month.    Compensation

Members of the Board of Directors shall receive compensation of $150 for each day’s attendance up to two Board meetings per month.  In addition, Board Members shall receive compensation of $150 for each day in attendance at the following regularly scheduled local meetings:

-       Council of Water Utilities Monthly Meeting

-       San Diego Chapter of CSDA Quarterly Meeting

Certain Board Members will be appointed as the District’s representative for local agencies and organizations. Board Members appointed to the following organizations will receive compensation of $150 per day of attendance at meetings of the following organizations:

-       San Luis Rey Watershed Council

-       Santa Margarita Watershed Council

Should two compensable meetings occur in a single day, the Board member(s) in attendance shall be eligible for compensation of only $150 for the entire day.     Training, Seminars and Conferences

If a Board member wishes to attend any training, seminar, or conference and receive compensation for the event and travel/registration expenses, the Board member must present his or her request for attendance in writing during a regularly scheduled open session Board meeting.   A standing agenda item for this practice will be included in each Board meeting agenda.   The Board member requesting compensation and travel/registration costs shall indicate the nature of the conference and the benefits that his or her attendance will bring to the District and its ratepayers.   The full Board shall consider this information and take action to approve or disapprove the compensation by a majority vote.   Upon approval, the Board member will be eligible for compensation of $150 for each full day at a conference or seminar.    Legitimate Expenses

Members of the Board of Directors shall be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses incurred in attending any meetings or in making any trips on official business of the Board, when so authorized in accordance with this Administrative Code. Reimbursement for the cost of the use of a Director's vehicle shall be on the basis of total miles driven and at the rate specified in the Internal Revenue Service Rates as established in Publication 463 or any successor publication. 

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