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Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department’s primary function is to provide strategic insight to the General Manager and Board of Directors to develop and manage programs that provide an optimal return on investment in human capital. The Human Resources Manager partners with the leadership team to develop a workforce that is highly qualified, engaged, safe, and productive.

The Human Resources Manager directs the performance management, employee recognition and corrective action programs to promote operational excellence and foster a culture of continuous improvement; manages total rewards programs to align the District’s offerings with the labor market and provide the highest value to the workforce while remaining fiscally responsible; ensures compliance with labor laws, the Administrative Code, and applicable Memoranda of Understanding; manages the risk management and liability insurance programs; and oversees the administration of occupational health and safety programs by the Environmental Health and Safety Officer.

The Environmental Health and Safety Officer leads the design, deployment, and administration of programs that promote and ensure employee safety and prevent injury or occupational illness. Performs professional and technical duties related to program and budget administration to implement hazard controls, ensure compliance with environmental, health and safety regulatory and training requirements, emergency preparedness, safety incentive programs, and strategic communication to promote a culture of safety; coordinates the District's workers' compensation and return-to-work programs.