State Board Reduces RMWD Conservation Target to 28%

Thanks to the newly constructed Bud Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, we were able to successfully petition the State Water Resources Control Board to ease the onerous 36% conservation target for our non-agricultural customers from 36% down to 28%.   Since the plant will produce up to 10% of San…

Welcome to RMWD

The Rainbow Municipal Water District is a Special District, organized under Section 71000 of the California Water Code that provides water/sanitation services to the unincorporated communities of Rainbow, Bonsall, and portions of Oceanside and Fallbrook.

California Landscape Friendly Training

Did you know that the moving, treating, heating and delivering of water makes up approximately 20 percent of California’s energy use? Having landscape that adapts to our dry hot climate such as Mediterranean and Native plants can have a significant impact on your energy consumption and the costs…

Water Outages

If you are experiencing a water outage and would like more information please contact our offices at 760-728-1178 to speak to a customer service representative. For after-hours calls the answering service will be able to give you any details they may have on the water outage and would be happy to…

Ask to See a Badge

It seems every year we hear stories about people impersonating local water agency’s staff so if you have any reservations ask to see their ID. All Rainbow MWD employees carry photo identification and drive marked vehicle.

2016 Strategic Plan

The Plan reaffirms our Mission, clarifies our Core Values, and outlines six Strategic Focus Areas. This is a living document as the conditions in the areas of water supply and reclamation change over time. This document will be reviewed by the Board of Directors on an annual basis along with the…

Free Landscape Water Audits!

Outdoor irrigation accounts for the vast majority of most RMWD water use.   Make sure that your irrigation systems are running efficiently with a free landscape water audit.   We offer a no charge, no obligation program where an expert from the Mission Resource Conservation District will come to…

Report Water Waste Here

As part of our efforts to meet our conservation goals, the Rainbow Municipal Water District needs your help to fight water waste.   We can't be everywhere all the time so your reports of water waste will allow us to help customers use water more efficiently.  Please use the form below to provide…

Septic System Rebate Information

Mission Resource Conservation District (MCRD) is offering Rainbow Creek Watershed residents a limited number of $100 rebates for pumping septic tanks. For information on how to apply click on READ MORE below which will take you to the MRCD website..

When Can I Water?

We are currently observing a Level 2 Drought Response (DROUGHT ALERT). Conservation practices to be followed under these conditions are:

Rainbow MWD Customer Data Privacy Policy

Due to privacy laws set forth in Government code 6254.16 under General Provisions employees of RMWD cannot disclose any customer information to any individual/s who are not listed on their account, or county records without proper request or upon determination of public interest in accordance with…

Contact Us

We are located at 3707 Old Highway 395 in Fallbrook, California 92028 and our phone number is 760-728-1178. We are open to serve our customers from 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.