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WSUP Project Mapping

Below are map images identifying where the District is currently working as well as where we will be working on the WSUP summer through late fall.

(see map locations below and refer to this map key)

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Where are you working right now?

We're working in all of the routes listed below currently.

What areas will you be working in next?

The Water Service Upgrade Project (WSUP) is currently in these areas below (routes 12, 14, 16,and 26). Staff will be moving in and out of these routes for the next several months. Signage will be placed in and around the areas we'll be working in. They will be working throughout routes 6 and 8 next.

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Route 12 - in PINK
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Route 14 - in BURGANDY
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Route 16 - in LIGHT BLUE
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Route 26 - in BLACK




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Route 6 - in LIGHT PURPLE
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Route 8 - in BRIGHT BLUE