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Urban Water Management Plan

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At the June 28, 2016 Board Meeting the Board of Directors adopted the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan. 

In 1983, the California Legislature passed the California Urban Water Management Planning Act (Act) as defined within the Water Code Sections (Codes) 10610 through 10656. Appendix A contains the text of the Act. The purpose of the Act is to require and permit water suppliers to implement appropriate level of water management planning commensurate with the numbers of customers served and the volume of water supplied. The Act describes the required contents of an UWMP as well as how urban water suppliers should adopt and implement the UWMP. The plan assesses current demands and supplies over a 20-year planning horizon and addresses methods to ensure reliable and adequate water service to meet the needs of the various categories of customers during normal, dry, and multiple dry years. 

The plan concludes that District supply from the Water Authority is adequate to meet projected normal and dry year demands over the next 20 years. The District also met the interim 2015 urban use target and is on tract to meet the 20% reduction by 2020 target imposed by SBX7-7. 

Rainbow Final UWMP 07012016.pdf