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TSAWR Allocations Have Ended

Thanks to your extraordinary efforts over the last year to conserve water during the mandatory conservation period, both the Metropolitan Water District and the San Diego County Water Authority have rescinded their allocation programs.   RMWD TSAWR customers over-conserved during the last year so the program has ended early and no penalties have been applied within RMWD.  Thanks for your efforts!

Effective May 26, 2016, all TSAWR customers are released from any allocation restrictions on water use.   If you need to apply more water to your plants, you are free to do so.  There are a few things to keep in mind:

1.       Waste of water is still prohibited, so if you increase your use please do so wisely

2.       We cannot predict when the next allocation period will take place, but we want to remind you that your next allocation amount will likely be based on your consumption during non-allocation periods.  If you choose to remain at a low water use level you should be prepared for further cutbacks from that level if and when TSAWR allocations are called for in the future.

3.       You may opt out of the TSAWR program if you wish to avoid any future allocations but you will lose the discount of approximately $280/AF

If you have any questions, please contact us at 760-728-1178