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TSAWR Allocations Ending Soon!

Thanks to a return to a more normal weather pattern in California, the Metropolitan Water District voted on May 10, 2016 to end the water shortage allocation program that it established last year.   As part of this action, the San Diego County Water Authority will be suspending the 15% mandatory conservation requirement for Transitional Special Agricultural Water Rate (TSAWR) customers.   The current allocations will remain in place through May 26, 2016 and thereafter will be no volumetric restrictions on water use by TSAWR customers.   All customers are reminded that water waste is to be avoided for many reasons, so care should be taken when increasing water use.

As of the middle of May, the District still has about 1000 Acre Feet of extra TSAWR water available for use, so if your groves need a bit more water you can go ahead and give it to them as it is very unlikely that we will exceed our TSAWR allocation for this fiscal year.   Contact Cynthia Gray at 760-728-1178 Ext. 101 for more information.