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TSAWR Allocation Increases Are Available

This notice is for all Transitional Special Agricultural Water Rate (TSAWR) customers to inform you about the status of the program now that we are through the hot months.   In June, the Board at RMWD put any penalties on hold until we knew how conservation was going and how the El Nino season was shaping up.   These two factors were determined to be a major player in whether we would have excess TSAWR water for allocations later in the fiscal year.


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We are pleased to report good news on both fronts.   As a group, the TSAWR customers were required to conserve 15% from the baseline year, but the conservation is actually running a bit over 25%!   Well done!   In addition, the strong El Nino that was predicted this summer has turned into what is expected to be the biggest El Nino season ever.   While this is not a guarantee of a wet winter, it is extremely unlikely that it will be a dry winter.


As of November 1st, the District has 782 Acre Feet of unused TSAWR allocations available for use.   Even if our customers went back to average consumption, it is very unlikely that we will ever be penalized by the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) and thus very unlikely that any penalties would be levied on our customers.  On November 17, 2015 the RMWD Board of Directors instructed RMWD staff to contact all TSAWR customers and let you know that if you need additional water we can adjust your allocations upward within the amount of surplus water available.  Many customers who were affected by the Rice Canyon fires are just getting their groves back, and others had stumped groves during the baseline period and their consumption in the baseline years was low when compared to historical values.  Others need water to manage new crop types or processes.  The good news is that if you need more water, we have more water for you – just ask! 

Water allocations will be first come first served.  Additional allocations will be based on consumption history and the relative need of the user. 

All requests for additional allocations must be in writing, although a phone call to discuss the process may not be a bad idea.   Your request needs to include your account number(s) and the amount you would like to increase your allocation.  The form below is provided for your convenience

TSAWR Allocation Increase Request Form.pdf

Thank you for your efforts to conserve.   It is our goal to get you every drop of water you need while meeting our conservation targets set by SDCWA.  Contact us at your convenience to get your allocation adjusted.