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Sherry Kirkpatrick, Engineering Manager

Mrs. Kirkpatrick is the Engineering Manager at Rainbow Municipal Water District and began her career there in 2006. Mrs. Kirkpatrick oversees the Engineering Department which provides a wide variety of services to the public. As head of The Engineering Department her and her team provide development services and inspections. She also manages the Capital Improvement Program for water and sewer infrastructure.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick has extensive knowledge in managing engineering design firms and private contractors. She applies these skills to completing projects to the District’s standards and successfully carrying out construction projects efficiently and properly. Mrs. Kirkpatrick graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer and Project Management Professional.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s interest in water was sparked as an intern for the State Regional Water Quality Control Board for 3 years in college. After college she was hired on at Rainbow MWD as an Assistant Engineer. Mrs. Kirkpatrick was promoted to an Associate Engineer once she got her Professional Civil Engineering license and has now been the Engineering Manager since 2011.

Contact Information: (760) 728-1178 Ext. 199