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San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program

To learn more about the many resources available click on the link below

The San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program (SLP) now has a website to help the region’s residents easily find the information they need to transform turf-based urban landscapes to ones that provide multiple environmental benefits, such as increased water-use efficiency and improved stormwater management.

To encourage homeowners to take a more sustainable approach to landscapes many tools are provide including: a comprehensive 71-page guidebook with photos, diagrams and checklists; landscaping classes; and technical assistance through personalized design coaching. Other resources include training for landscape professionals and access to discounted landscaping materials such as mulch and compost.

Homeowners can go to the site to sign up to be notified when the SLP launches a new financial incentive program to help participants transform existing lawns into landscapes that meet SLP standards.  Key SLP landscape features include rainwater capture and detention, soil enhancements, climate-appropriate plant selection and water-efficient irrigation methods. The rebate program is expected to start later this summer. Funding is limited, and those interested in participating must not remove their turf grass before being accepted into the incentive program. Additional eligibility requirements and site inspections will also apply.

Learn more about the many resources available on the SLP Program website.