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Meter Department

The Meter Service Department is primarily responsible for ensuring timely and accurate reads and imports recorded readings of water meters into the Utility Billing software. They’re continually maintaining the District’s 8,200 water meters and meter reading infrastructure. From either read discrepancies or customer requests the department will investigate and resolve meter service problems and make the necessary repairs.

The reading of the meters occurs monthly on assigned routes according to predetermined schedules using an electronic handheld meter reading device for approximately 75% of the District’s meters driveby Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system. In an AMR system, a meter reader collects consumption data using data loggers that report consumption from the meter to a truck-mounted radio.

The Utility Worker drives around and picks up read data very quickly as compared to manual reads. The other 25% remaining meters are manually read and are currently lacking the infrastructure to be read electronically. Repeatedly meters are determined to be broken or functioning inefficiently, staff will either repair, replace, and/or test the water meters; clean and replace surrounding meter boxes.

The department applies District procedures when investigating and reviewing with customers a variety of water service problems. They perform flow and pressure tests as needed on customer services. Interpret and read maps, to locate services utilizing Geoviewer software. Maintain daily records of work performed, time, materials and equipment. Operate water system valves and hydrants as required; reports hazardous field conditions. Verifies and reports service information corrections; respond to service orders issued by the customer service staff update and record findings into Utility Billing software.