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Engineering Department

The Engineering Department encompasses the responsibility for the day-to-day operations and oversight of Engineering, and Engineering Customer Service for the District. The Engineering Department also provides technical support to Operations with record inquiries, GIS maps, water shutdown processing, construction coordination and project execution and inspection.

The Engineering Department’s specific responsibilities include: inspection of construction of District facilities, and the management and execution of the Capital Improvement Program for water and wastewater, ensuring the timely completion and sound financial management of such projects.  The department is also responsible for the oversight and administration of District and developer projects through design and construction, to confirm that water and wastewater facilities conform to District standards and requirements. In addition, the Department inspects construction District facilities, including the numerous easements. Engineering develops and prepares complete procurement solicitation and schedules for Notice of Inviting Bids, request for proposals and other projects.  The department processes and reviews improvement plans, grading plans, subdivision maps and engineering’s cost estimates; prepares quantity and cost estimates for varied projects; prepares construction agreements, fee letters, contract documents and other related legal documents relating to District improvements and developer projects; acquires and reviews documents for conformance to District requirements. They maintain the District planning documents as well as develop and update policies, procedures and guidelines for the current and future development of District water and wastewater systems.

Engineering Customer Service provides a wide variety of services to the public, which include San Diego County Form processing, public inquires on facilities and projects, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), maps and record drawings. The department is responsible for performing a variety of direct customer contact and office support activities supporting the payment of appropriate capacity fees for water and wastewater and inspection of the installation of new water and sewer laterals; serves as a front-line customer support working with the public in person, over the phone and in response to website inquiries. In addition, the Department receives, reviews, investigates, and processes claims. They are responsible for processing requests for downsizing or upsizing meters and providing the public information regarding the process to complete the installation of a new service to District standards. They process applications, fees and deposits for construction meters in coordination with the Customer Service Department, read and interpret improvement plans and facility maps for a variety of information for the public, engineers, consultants and other departments. Engineering also processes County documents related to water and sewer availability, agency clearance forms and other documents related to developments and explain regulations and policies and procedures to interested parties.