CSDA 4th - 8th Grade Essay Field Trip Contest

San Diego Chapter California Special District Association Field Trip Grant Program

The purpose of our Field Trip Grant opportunity is to help you and your students visit a Special District and increase your insight to this effective means of local government and the important services they provide to the citizens of San Diego County.

Take your students to visit a local Special District
• Add a “kick” to your 4th — 8th grade curriculum
• Choose from a list of Special Districts to visit
• Get up to $800 for bus transportation while showing and teaching our future community leaders about the purpose and importance of Special Districts!

Applications must be date-stamped no later than 9:00 PM on Friday, 03/16/18.  Winners will be notified by email no later than 04/06/18. The field trip must be booked and take place before 6/30/18. Questions about this grant program can be submitted to (redacted)

For more details download the brochure below or visit San Diego Chapter CSDA website

CSDA Field Trip Essay Contest Brochure